Market Developer B2B specialized in the export of typical and regional Italian agro-food


We are an innovative company-league made by specialized food producers, professional salesmen and logistic specialists, collaborating together to offer International Buyers to appreciate the quality of typical regional Italian specialities, from the North to the South of the country

On the one hand our network puts in touch and assists a large number of regional food and wine producers, on the other one we coordinate our Export Managers and Brokers in order to manage the worldwide distribution and delivery of customers’ purchases.

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Why dealing Italian food and beverage with us?

Eureka Market was born in 2019 with the ground-breaking idea of supporting Small and Medium-sized Italian food producers in enhancing their distribution outside the tight regional limits and make them known and appreciated by international consumers.

A large number of regional food specialities are even unknown to national consumers!

Relationships with our Customers-Buyers are handled by our multi-languages professional export salesmen staff and each team is specialized in dealing with a single country or continent. This allows our foreign Clients to save time and efforts as they don’t have to deal first-hand with the chosen food manufacturers; besides, they can rely on a skilled counsellor that neutrally understands their needs and requests.



Discover the advantages of buying and selling through Eureka Market.

Eureka Market offers you the best original Italian food and wines thanks to a large network of affiliated manufacturers. We cover all regions and deliver all the available specialities, classic, innovative or which have just arrived on our shelves in Italy.

Our manufacturers can also work for your exclusive business, depending on your order dimension. This means that they can pack the chosen products at the manufacturer’s with your Brand and therefore make them entirely ready to be exported in your Country.

When your purchases arrive from the production plant, you can choose to pick them up with your trusted forwarder or ask Eureka Market to ship them around the world by ship or air.

You can take advantage of very competitive prices, that is at ex-works rates, especially if you are a regular buyer!

Eureka Market is equipped with centralized logistics in Italy so you can collect different products and brands in the same place

Samples are made available to appreciate the highest quality and standard of our products.

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What about joining our international salesmen network?

Eureka Market will give you full access to all our suppliers and products; we’ll provide real-time assistance in understanding the special needs of your customers and in getting the best sale offers.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with us remotely from any part of the World and sell Italian specialities in any Country.

You’ll be always updated on the new food and wine trends in Italy, just like a professional analyst living in our Country. This makes the difference with traders that have just «heard» about this and that.

You’ll be able to commit searches of food specialities even when they are not easily available on the market: our staff of around 20 analysts who select the manufacturers can quickly scan the Italian territory in order to match your customer’s special request.

Eureka Market will assist you throughout the whole search and delivery process. You’ll have to think about selling, that’s all!

For each sale, Eureka Market guarantees the commission agreed on with our management, so you won’t have to ask the customer any intermediation fee.

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We represent and introduce the products of our Italian suppliers in foreign markets such as the USA, Canada, Northern Europe, Arab Emirates, Asia and China

USA distribution center:

140 Broadway 46th Fl.
New York, NY 10005, USA

Do you need any further info?

In case you needed further information, please write to the following email address:

… otherwise, call us to make business: we would be happy to welcome you in our network as a Client or a Professional Salesman.