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Welcome to the first B2B International Marketplace dedicated to the
Made in Italy products

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Why Eureka Market was born

Eureka Market was created to put the excellences of Made in Italy in contact with international Buyers in a dedicated portal that enhances and supports both parties.

Are you a Made in Italy manufacturer?

Discover the benefits of signing up and selling on Eureka Market

Are you a Buyer?

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The advantages for Made in Italy manufacturers

Get a digital showcase dedicated to your Company and make your Brand known all over the World

Get your own dedicated showcase with your company’s information:

– Logo with company information

– Description of history and values

– Receive special requests from international Buyers

– Showcase your products to our sales Agents who will place them
   with the customers of our organization

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Benefit from Eureka Market’s network of sale Agents around the world, with no fixed costs.

Eureka Market provides Made in Italy producers with sales Professionals who deal by introducing their products in the main foreign markets such as the USA, Northern Europe, Asia and China and negotiating sales directly with the Buyers of large client companies.

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Make your business grow with a modern digital strategy

Eureka Market provides Made in Italy producers with a cutting-edge digital platform that intends to innovate their way of communicating and managing relations with international markets, also benefiting from innovative economic support for exports.

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The advantages for International Buyers

Find new business partners among the excellences of Made in Italy

Select your new suppliers with their available products by choosing from over 23 product categories.

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Eureka’s organization assists you throughout the whole sales process

Eureka Market has already solved every technical aspect necessary to allow you the rapid delivery of the purchased products anywhere in the world: thanks to the centralization of the sales operations, you will quickly obtain the documents you need to receive the goods from your new Made in Italy supplier and import it into your country without bureaucratic hitches.

.. moreover, if you are a customer with good creditworthiness, Eureka Market will allow you to pay for purchases when it is more convenient for you.

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